Responsibilities : 
Recruiting expat teachers. Find sources of candidates. Make recruitment plans, forecast recruitment orders, and keep track of the budget for expat teacher recruitment. Collect and keep track of recruitment orders from campuses
Screen applicants’ CVs. Interview candidates. Demo briefing
Offer letter signing once candidates pass the demo. Assign teachers to campuses as per their needs
Handle expat teachers-related issues
Service and fulltime contract renewal
Full-time contracts proposal & approval
Handle disciplinary violations
Campus transfers
Exit surveys
Work permit – Visa
Other tasks
Benefits : 
Proposing and implementing policies for teachers (e.g. pay review, contract renewal, full time agreement, contract termination, allowances)
Negotiating pay, offering job, and signing offer letters with newly recruited expat teachers
Handling feedbak from and/ or on expat teachers when necessary
Proposing pay raise and contract renewal for staff under immediate supervision
Receiving necessary office supplies

Requirements : 
Nationality: British, American, Australian, Canadian is preferable.
Age: >34
Qualification: BA
Major: knowledge of human resource management
Work experience: >2 years in HR Agency Services
English proficiency: fluent in listenig, speaking, reading, and writing
Computer: basic level (ability to use WinWord, Excel, Powerpoint)
Other requirements : Easy going, calm, tenacious; Able to make plan, supervise plan, and work under pressure; Good at negotiation skills